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These pages are dedicated to the many people that have helped me get through the learning curve and keep these cars on the road.

What's New?:

2/December/2007: Today I purchased another 300SD. I just can't help myself.

1/October/2007: Replaced the turnsignal switch on the 300SD - A little more of a challenge than the easy job on a 123 model. Go here and see.

5/June/2007: Going to the Chineese restaurant. Going to see about filling up the tank there. Going to the burger joint too. There will be a separate page. Stay tuned...

5/June/2007: Icons are new. They are:
Test: A point of measurement or verification.
Info: A point special information that should not be glossed over.
Warn: It is easy for something to go terribly wrong and a) sever an artery, or b) cost you money, because it broke.

11:54 PM 6/3/2006: Added the PDF icon: "Printer Friendly Version" will be added or fixed as time permits. This is a lot of editing and code change.

6:43 PM 3/1/2006: The "Donation" link was improved. Please, give it a try.


The format of the project pages will be similar in philosophy to this page. Although many of the early pages have been updated, some are a bit more simple in layout & information.

I will be updating each page with some project information near the top of each page. It will consist of three items: Difficulty / Skill Level; Date; and Time Estimate.

Support / Donations:

It is the intent that these pages have been a service to you, and hopefully saved you some big repair $'s On the flip-side, I have done these pages for the enjoyment of the hobby and to return back something to the pool of knowledge that had helped me.

Here's the "However" part. I am incurring costs - especially since moving from personal web-space to a real site. So... I'm requesting donations, small ones, a few dollars, that's all.


This page sets one - sorry. It's by Paypal, and has to do with the donation section in setting up a secure connection. I'm not going to steal your Id., hi-jack your homepage or send you porn. If you have security set to a higher level there will be no change in how the page works or loads. If you do decide this visit has been worth your while, and want to send off a few dollars, you might have to allow this one cookie to be set.

The Victims of these pages:

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